Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m a Product Designer & UX Researcher based in Los Angeles. Thanks for stopping by! 

With a background in studio art and education, I've always been an observer of how people interact with the systems around them. In my previous work as an elementary school science educator, I was designing user experiences before I’d ever heard the phrase. I continue to use those skills as a designer and researcher focused on understanding users, solving problems, and creating digital experiences for people. I believe that design can make our lives better and easier. I'm always learning how to be a more impactful designer with that goal in mind.

My experience in design ranges from non-profits to early-stage startups. As a deeply curious person, I love that a UX career allows me to jump into different worlds and learn as much as I can about people in spaces or industries that are new to me. As an underrepresented person in tech, I also love when I get to design for communities that I belong to! 

When I’m not working I can usually be found looking for a great place to eat, pausing movies to look at prop screen interfaces, or learning something new— like how local government works, citrus tree care, or how to get a job designing prop interfaces.

Find me on LinkedIn or contact me at nataliekiwan@gmail.com.

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